how to measure for, order and install your mural

1. Measure your Wall

Measure the height of your wall from ceiling to baseboard.  If it is less than 9 feet, then proceed to the next step.  If it is larger than 9 feet, please contact us directly for a custom size mural.  Measure the width of your wall and round up to the nearest foot (ex. 6ft 6in will be 7ft).

2. Choose  and order your design

Select your favourite mural.  Our murals come in panels of 4 feet  Wide x 9 feet High. Based on the width of your wall you will need to choose the number of 4 ft wide panels required for your project (ex. 7 ft wide will require a 2 panel mural). Select number of panels and either matte, lustre or gloss (lustre is most popular) and proceed to checkout. Please note : although we select the best images we can find, there could be some pixelation of the final image due to the size increase.

3. Approve the proof 

We will provide you with an email proof of the mural based on the panel number selected.  We can provide a better fit at this time if you provide your wall measurements.

4. Prepare your wall

The wall should be clean of dust and dirt.  The best wall for the mural would be primed and painted (if newly painted, please allow 2-3 weeks prior to installing wall mural). Remove all plug and light switch covers

5. Install your mural

We recommend that the wall mural be installed by a two person team.   The panels will be numbered from left to right, start with panel #1  

STEP 1.  Carefully peel back a small part of the backing paper.  Use an sharp blade to cut away approx. 3 inches of the backing paper revealing the sticker part of the mural.  Using a step ladder, hold the panel to the wall with the top of the panel at the edge of the ceiling.  Your helper can help direct the panel and hold into place or use painters tape.  Use a level on the side of the panel to ensure it is straight.  Adjust as necessary.  Once in place you can press the sticky part to the wall.  The vinyl is removable if you need to adjust again before proceeding.  

STEP 2. Once the 3 inch starter is applied to the wall, carefully reach behind the mural and peel the backer paper away (about 10 inches down), but don't cut away the backer piece as it helps provide distance between the wall and the sticky part of the vinyl until you go over it with the squeegee.  

STEP 3.  Use the squeegee in a side to side motion starting from the top and working your way down.  Be careful not to go too fast or too miss a section which could create a bubble or a ridge.  If this happens you can pull the vinyl away from the wall to go over that section again.

STEP 4. Remove the 10 inches of backer paper and squeegee the vinyl as in step 3.  Trim out any outlets, windows, doors as per the instruction sheet provided.

STEP 5. Proceed with the next panel making sure you have lined up the print. We  have provided you with a 1/4 inch overlap.  This is where the helper is needed to make sure the print lines up at the centre and bottom as you line up the top section.  When all panels are installed you can trim any excess on the top, bottom and sides of the mural with a straight edge and a sharp blade.

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